Credit Card Brands

We're the biggest and most trusted source for comparing credit cards in Sweden through more than five brands. Since 2019 we've been expanding our credit card brands and assets into more markets including Norway, Finland, Germany and Canada. We're always looking for new partners, shoot us an email if you want to have special coverage on our credit card brands.

Visit site is the oldest and most respected credit card comparison service in Sweden. Compary acquired Kortio AB in 2019 and has since then continued to develop the fantastic product and brand that Kortio always stood for.

  • Launched in 2014
  • 89 compared credit cards
  • More than 100 active partnerships

Visit site

Ever since we launched in 2017 it's been one of our most beloved brands. helps its visitors to find the best credit card for their needs through guides, comparisons and data. is now launched in 5 markets (Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland and Canada).

  • Launched in 2017
  • 300+ compared credit cards
  • Launched in 5 markets with more to come

Visit site

Alltomkreditkort was launched in 2015 and later acquired by us in 2020. Alltomkreditkort's name - everything about credit cards in Swedish - tells it all.

  • Learn everything about credit cards
  • We compare 82 credit cards

Consumer Credit Brands

Our portfolio of brands within consumer credits and lending products has been a strong driver of growth since 2016 when we launched our first brand. We're particularly strong in the Swedish market as one of the market leaders, but also rapidly expanding into other markets in Europe and the world.

Visit site was launched in 2020 and quickly became one of our best brands and products. Compinero help its users to find the cheapest and best solutions when it comes to their personal finance decisions. We compare everything from saving accounts and credit cards to mortgages.

  • 100's of compared credits across the world
  • Launched in 6 markets, with more to come


Visit site

Lånen was launched in 2017 and has built its success through hyper focus on building the best possible comparison out there. Lånen is today one of our biggest brands and a trusted partner for more than 100 lenders in Sweden.

  • Launched in 2017
  • Compares everything from mortgages and corporate loans to consumer credits


Visit site

We launched Lånium in 2016 and has since then continued to build one of the most complete comparison sites in Sweden. On Lånium you can compare everything from mortgages and corporate loans to smaller credit loans.


Visit site

Kreditium has been one of our fastest growing brands in the last couple of years. We compare all kinds of credits and loans on Kreditium for both Swedish and Estonian users.

  • Acquired by Compary in 2019
  • A complete comparison of all kinds of credits

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